Our history 

A story about passion, focus and two girls.

It all started in 2007 when Elise decided to follow her heart and not follow up on her Political Science education, but instead started working for an importer of wines. That importer shared an office with a wine auctioneer, who had just enlisted an intern. A girl set on pursuing a career in food and drink. That girl was Doris.

So it happened that both girls shared an office space for two different companies. They got to know each other, appreciate each other and they learned from each other.

Elise went through all the aspects of a growing importer; sourcing, marketing and selling. In the beginning they imported Italian wines exclusively, but soon the portfolio was expanded. Doris became an auctioneer, developed client relations and participated in launching the Singapore branch of the company.

Ambitious and driven, external adventures were sought. Elise opened a restaurant, receiving a Michelin star within the first year, while maintaining her full-time job at the importer. Doris became a qualified course provider for wines and spirits, teaching many minds in the world of drinks.

After a while those two girls weren't girls anymore, but professional young women ready for the next step. Have you guessed the last names of Elise and Doris? Miss Moeskops and Miss Vroom went in to business together. Helping others by doing what they love to do. Target their marketing, build brands, organise events and mobilize networks.